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Manual Pumps and Control Handles

Manual pumps for lubrication requires the use of a mobile grease pump. Lubrication points are typically drilled to allow access for grease and oil lubrication to flow into the point. A grease fitting is commonly inserted into the drilled passage, allowing for the connection of a manual grease pump, allowing grease to be distributed to the lubrication point.

Mobile grease pumps can be operate using three methods, by hand, air or electricity. Manual grease pumps are manufactured in different varieties, as shown below:

  • Lever Type: The most common type of grease gun, usually requiring a grease cartridge
  • Pistol-Grip Type – Allows for one-handed operation, although the amount of lubricant dispensed is usually less than lever type heavy duty pumps
  • Battery-Operated Type: Usually a low-voltage, battery-operated grease gun by offering the advantage of precise dispensing via a cordless operation