Pneumatic Pumps

Pneumatic pumps use pressurized gas or air to move media and when found in industrial applications are commonly powered by compressed inert gases or compressed air. A centrally located compressor is used to power cylinders, motors, and other pneumatic devices, including pumps. These systems are often controlled through either a manual or automatic solenoid valve and can provide a more flexible, lower cost, and safer alternative to electric or gas-powered motors.

Available Product Types

  • Pneumatic pumps are often positive displacement pumps that are double-acting with no return spring and can utilize many pressurized gases or fluids as drivers. Ultra-Flow provides the following pump types:
  • Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps – They use a plunger or piston mechanism to move media through a cylindrical chamber. This mechanism is powered by a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or steam drive.
  • Pneumatic Oil Pumps – Used to oil for distribution and transfer
  • Pneumatic Grease Pumps – Used to grease for distribution and transfer,

We offer the following brands: Raasm, Ecodora and Graco.


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