///Remote Installation Kits for Pulsarlube
pulsarlube installation kits

Remote Installation Kits for Pulsarlube


Remote installation kits for E and V Type Pulsarlube lubricators.

Product Description

Pulsarlube installation kits for remote installation. The innovative Pulsarlube lubricators operate a pressures allowing remote installation up to a meter from the mounting location to the lubrication point. This allows the Pulsarlube to be mounted in inaccessible areas for a more complete, productive lubrication solution. Remote installations kits are available, depending on the application. The mounting location of the lubricator cannot exceed a total of 1m from the lubrication point. The installation kits are for specific Pulsarlube units, namely the E120, V125 and V250 units.

Contents of Kit

  • Mounting bracket
  • 1m Plastic Tubing (stainless steel tubing also available)
  • Compression Fitting
  • Sockets or Adapter
  • Clamp for Tubing

Additional Information

Kit Options

Kit for E120 M6 Bearing Thread, Kit for E120 M8 Bearing Thread, Kit for E120 1/8 Bearing Thread, Kit for V-Types M6 Bearing Thread, Kit for V-Types M8 Bearing Thread, Kit for V-Types 1/8 Bearing Thread


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