Lincoln 8KG Pump 24VDC


Lincoln Quicklub pumps are electrically operated and are used in progressive-type automated lubrication systems. The proven and reliable P203 pump has been designed to develop high operating pressures allowing it to supply NLGI #2 grease in most ambient temperatures. Known to bring cost-saving benefits, increased productivity and reduced risk of machine failure.


Lincoln 8KG Pump, the Quicklub system is designed to provide a relatively simple and inexpensive method of centralizing or automating the lubrication of machinery bearings. Quicklub are designed for fully automated system with typical voltage 12VDC ,24VDC and 220 Vac . Automatic lubrication system typically dispenses small measured amounts of grease at frequent intervals while the machine is operating. The electric pumps incorporate an integrated timer for easy installation and trouble-free operation. Quicklub systems have proven to be the right solution for many industries and applications, eliminating costly, manual point-by-point lubrication. This Lincoln 8KG pump version comes equipped with a sealed reservoir and low-level monitoring. Controllers  typical are Ultra-Flow’s Genie and Autolube control systems.


  • PART NUMBER: 644-41030-4 / 644-40615-1
  • OUTLET/MIN PER ELEMENT: .171 cu. in. / 2.8 cc
  • ELECTRICAL INPUT: 24 VDC @ 2 amps
  • INTERVAL BETWEEN LUBRICATION CYCLES: Min. 4 minutes / Max. 15 hours
  • MAX. SYSTEM OPERATING PRESSURE: 5000 psi / 350 bar
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: Min. -13°F / -25°C / Max. 158°F / 70°C
  • PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE: 4000 psi, +/- 250 psi / 276 bar, +/- 17 bar
  • CONTROL SYSTEM: Optional Genie® or Autolube® control system


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8KG Pump with Low Level, 8KG Pump with Low Level & Safety Valve, 8KG Pump with Low Level & Extra Pump Element, 8KG Pump with Low Level, Safety Valve & Extra Pump Element, 8KG Pump without Low Level, 8KG Pump without Low Level & Safety Valve, 8KG Pump without Low Level & Extra Pump Element, 8KG Pump without Low Level, Safety Valve & Extra Pump Element


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