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K7 Mini-Lube Macnaught K7-01


The K7 is an economical manual alternative to the more expensive air-operated greasing systems.


The K7 Mini-Lube Portable High Pressure Manual Greasing System provides high-volume/high-pressure greasing in a compact and portable package. It consists of two main components, a foot operated spring-loaded pump, that dispenses grease from the container to the hose and gun and a patented high pressure/high volume KR pressurite™ gun. When the gun is set on the “high volume” position the gun will deliver up to 5,000 psi and when set on the “high pressure” setting the gun will deliver a lower volume of grease, but at higher pressures ( up to 10,000 psi).



  • Light weight and portable go anywhere design
  • Positive no leak connection ensures grease reaches the bearing
  • Wipes container clean & prevents air pockets & contamination
  • 1.06m two-piece threaded suction tube
  • 50 mm bung adapter
  • Fully serviceable with 10 year warranty
  • Part Number – K7-01



  • 1.5m x 12.5mm ID delivery hose
  • Compatible with 2.5kg grease containers or bulk fill via J3 Transfer Pump
  • Grease viscosity up to NLGI 2
  • High volume setting: Up to 34,450kPa (5,000psi), 1.25g per shot
  • High pressure setting: Up to 68,900kPa (10,000psi), 0.45g per shot
  • Delivers up to 30 shots of grease per prime

Additional information

Weight 8 kg


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