Happy New Year 2020

The Ultra-Flow team would like to thank our valuable customers for their support during 2019. Our customer-base is what keeps us motivated, striving to challenge ourselves to continuously improve and offer an unrivalled customer experience.

The concept of New Year’s is a rather curious phenomenon, sometimes perceived from a negative perspective, sometimes from a positive perspective. It is a period of the year that encompasses the passing of time, a reflection of the past and the hope for the future.

An American author, Melody Beattie, summarizes the concept of New Year’s perfectly, by stating, “The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written”. This statement adds clarity to the obvious ambiguity we all face when thinking about what the New Year holds. The power is held within us to make decisions and set appropriate, reachable goals for the short and long-term future, goals which have the potential to enrich organizations and the lives of the employees they entrust to manage said organizations. The employees of any organization are positioned at the epicentre of effective customer service.

Let the goal for 2020 be about enriching the lives of employees, displaying

We wish to invite our customers, new and potential, to write the next chapter of our story with us. You are invited to assist us on our path to reach greater levels of customer satisfaction and effective service delivery. We hope the new year 2020 brings much success, joy and prosperity to all. Our dedicated team looks forward to continue serving you.

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Happy new year 2016-2020

Kind Regards,

The Ultra-Flow Lube Service  Team