What comes to mind because we do something that is considered unique? This term is used ambiguously throughout different dimensions, especially in the business environment. Some believe that uniqueness stems from something being rare and difficult to imitate. Others believe that uniqueness stems from doing imperfect things, perfectly. In our industry, unique lubrication products and service is highlighted.

In the business environment, many aspects could add to the your company qualifying as being unique, whether it being your talented staff, unrivalled product knowledge, fantastic customer service or being the only company offering something that does not exist anywhere else. This uniqueness is thus referred to as competitive advantage, something that makes your company perform better than others.

Ultra-Flow believes that we offer our clients a truly unique experience based on a few of these differentiating traits:

    • Talent – We have ensured that the best people from the Lubrication Industry have been attracted and retained. Development of skills and experience has made Ultra-Flow an unmatched company in the industry. Our staff shows a unique lubrication industry understanding
    • Innovation – We are dedicated to the discovery of problems in the broad engineering field, not only in our core business field, the lubrication industry. We are dedicated to finding innovate ways to solve these problems. Our passion for assisting customers to realise their vision and offer them a practical product, drives us to achieve greatness
    • Customer Service – Our customers, new or old, serve as the lifeforce of Ultra-Flow, they are what dedicates us to work to the best of our ability and offer outstanding service. They are the passion that enable us to succeed and build a sustainable organisation
    • Commitment and Accountability – We pride ourselves on offering our utmost commitment to our staff. We ensure that they are empowered and show true accountability. We strongly believe that our staff must be engaged positively in order to take care of your customers. This is evident in our staff’s unwavering loyalty and work ethic
    • Business Ethics – Ultra-Flow was built upon a structure that incorporated total transparency and upheld business ethics. We are dedicated to effective governance to contribute to society and add value to all of our stakeholders

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In conclusion, the great Jack Welch stated, “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”. The core idea of this philosophy is continuous improvement through a process of recurring organisational and personal learning. It is paramount that leaders ensure that opportunities exist for this continuous improvement process. This can be achieved by motivating the staff and promoting a positive environment to allow for the passion to flow through customer service. Let your leaders create the path for succession, personal and organisation growth and strive to constantly be better at every level of the business.

Artwork provided by Freepik:  http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/marketing-strategy-graphic_800940.htm