The new Pulsarlube Mi – Intelligent Single Point Lubricator

Pulsarlube Mi, “ i “ stands for intelligent. The Pulsarlube Mi has a Machine Synchronization Unit dispensing grease by motor vibration. It falls in the same product range as the Pulsarlube MS and Pulsarlube MSP, which are still available. The difference is in the installation, which is easier and simpler. There is no need for long wire connections or to arrange electrical connections.

The lubricator reacts to the vibration of the machine. Reservoir capacities are available in two sizes, 60cc, 125cc. As a result of the intelligent system of the Pulsarlube Mi, the reservoir capacities will be suitable for most applications. Maximum operating time on a Pulsarlube Mi could be up to 2 years, including machine stoppage.

The Mi will display on the LCD  “t-UP “ which indicates that 2 years has passed or “St00” which indicates that it is time to replace the lubricator grease pouch and the battery pack. The vibration detector can be mounted on most metal surfaces.

Vibration sensitivity can be adjusted by a screw located underneath the cap of the vibration detector. A visual LED will start flashing when the vibration detector detects vibration. To adjust the vibration detector, stop the machine, check the LED and if it is still blinking then the detector is still sensing a small vibration from another source. Decrease vibration sensititivy gradually until the LED stops flashing.

A single Mi unit can lubricate up to 8 lubrication points with a pressure rating of 60 bar.

Seeing is believing. Why don’t you try the new Pulsarlube Mi?