The controller is the next generation of lube controllers and is an alternative to the UF008RS-001 Lubrication management system for progressive lubrication systems.

The new UF008RS-002 A2 Blue tooth controller has the same features as the UF008RS-001 controller.

The A2 offers an integrated IOT solution for managing and monitoring your critical lubrication system ensuring your equipment is lubricated effectively via blue tooth link.

Blue tooth lubrication is a term that refers to the use of Bluetooth technology to monitor and manage automatic lubrication systems, which deliver lubricant to various parts of a machine or equipment to reduce friction and wear. Blue tooth lubrication can provide benefits such as improved efficiency, reliability, and safety of the machines and equipment, as well as reduced maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Blue tooth lubrication can also enable remote access and control of the lubrication system via a mobile app or a web server.

One example of a blue tooth lubrication controller is the UF008-002-A2 Smart Blue Tooth controller, which is designed and manufactured by Ultra-Flow, a company that specializes in lubrication systems and solutions. The UF008-002-A2 Smart Blue Tooth controller can control progressive lubrication systems, which deliver precise amounts of lubricant to multiple lubrication points.

The controller has a blue tooth feature that allows users to monitor and manage the lubrication system via a mobile app, and it can also send data to a web server via a GSM modem

The file is in a standard Excel spreadsheet to be sent via Microsoft e-mail or WhatsApp app to the Lubrication specialist in your company.

Ultra-Flow Staff are available to assist you with any upgrades to your existing Lubrication systems to the latest Blue Tooth Controller.

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