Pulsarlube MSP500-VDC


The Pulsarlube MSP unit can be utilised an a small scale centralised lubrication solution, offering multi-point dispensing configurations. The Pulsarlube MSP unit provides machine synchronization, connected to an external power supply, making it the perfect solution to prolong machinery life by preventing under or over lubrication.


The Pulsarlube MSP electromechanical automatic grease lubricator is designed to operate in synchronization with the equipment on which it is installed. As long as the equipment is operating, the Pulsarlube MSP will dispense the preset amount of lubricant so that any loss or waste of lubricant can be prevented. Unlike the Pulsarlube MS, this product is a machine synchronized, externally powered unit and the power supply connected to the machine or PLC powers the unit. It is not necessary to replace the battery pack in the unit up to 5 years but the grease pouch should still be replaced after completion of each lubrication cycle set.


  • Grease Pouch: 500ml (replaceable)
  • Grease Type: Multipurpose
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 30~60kgf/cm² (425~850psi)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -15˚C ~ 60˚C (5˚F ~ 140˚F)
  • Power Supply: VDC (External Power Supply for MSP, DC 12~24V)
  • Available Dispensing Periods: 1, 2, 4, 6,1 2, 18, 24 and H month
  • Multi Point Lubrication: Up to 8 Points
  • Remote Installation: Up to 6m (20ft) using a 6mm (1/4″) O.D.pre-filled lube line
  • Installation Thread Size: 3/8″ Male BSPT (NPT Converter Available)


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