500ml Service Pack


Service kit for M500, MSP500 and MS500 Pulsarlube.


500ml service pack for Pulsarlube M500, MSP500 and MS500. M series single point lubricator is designed to use a Replaceable Service Pack for each lubrication cycle set regardless of the length of period selected. It is critical that, when a lubrication cycle is over and service pack is replaced, the grease pouch and battery pack must always be changed together at the same time. This ensures the reliable operation and guaranteed performance of Pulsarlube M series.


  • 500ml Grease Pouch
  • Battery pack: Standard DC 4.5V Alkaline
  • A disposable dust cover for applications under extreme environment
  • Optional DC 4.5V Lithium for specific applications such as:Cold temperature (max.-40)


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