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Remote Installation Kits for Pulsarlube


Remote installation kits for E , V, M and ML Type Pulsarlube lubricators.


Pulsarlube installation kits for remote installation. The innovative Pulsarlube lubricators operate a pressures allowing remote installation up to a meter from the mounting location to the lubrication point. This allows the Pulsarlube to be mounted in inaccessible areas for a more complete, productive lubrication solution. Remote installations kits are available, depending on the application, therefore mounting location of the lubricator can be made easier, for example 1m from the lubrication point.

The installation kits are for specific Pulsarlube units, namely the E120, V125 and V250 M250 M500 units.

Contents of Kit

  • Mounting bracket
  • 1m Plastic Tubing (stainless steel tubing also available)
  • Compression Fitting
  • Sockets or Adapter
  • Clamp for Tubing


Additional information

Weight N/A
Kit Options

Kit for E120 M6 Bearing Thread, Kit for E120 M8 Bearing Thread, Kit for E120 1/8 Bearing Thread, Kit for V-Types M6 Bearing Thread, Kit for V-Types M8 Bearing Thread, Kit for V-Types 1/8 Bearing Thread


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